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Friday on the Links – 10/14

Hey people!  This will be the last post I make on this particular site.  It’s a collection of links I’ve found helpful, challenging, inspiring, etc.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  • Stories Rock!: N.D. Wilson makes a case for stories and why they are important for the souls of our kids (much less ours).  “Scripture is full of…stories.”
  • Encouragement: The best letters are able to cultivate this gift and spread it around to others.
  • Steve Jobs: A well-written, balanced, Christ-centered and Christ-exalting tribute to Steve Jobs.
  • Steve Jobs or Coach Eric Taylor?: Rod Dreher lays out the case that though we may idealistically aspire to Steve Jobs-esque fame and influence the vast majority of us live lives that more closely resemble Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights.  “An average life.  The kind of life most of us will have.  The kind of life that can be a thing of beauty and worthy of praise.”
  • Pastor Youcef: The Supreme Court in Iran has agreed to review his case and has put his execution on hold!  Keep the prayers going for this pastor and let’s keep putting the pressure on the Iranian government!
  • Machine Gun Preacher: I’m really excited about this movie.  In this article you can read a thoughtful review of the movie and watch the trailer.
There you have it.  The last of the posts on this site.  Head on over to allthingsloss.com next week and subscribe for updates if you haven’t already.  It’s been real and it’s been fun, but allthingsloss.com is going to be real fun!


Thanks for reading and happy Friday!

– Kevin 


Exciting News About all.things.loss

To the all.things.loss community:

I have an exciting announcement to make regarding the online home of the all.things.loss blog.  Next Monday (10/17/11) it will be moving to its permanent home at allthingsloss.com.  This is good news for a couple of reasons.

  1. It gives me more creative control on the look/feel/layout of the site which in turn makes it a more enjoyable stay for you while visiting.  
  2. I get to drop the “.wordpress.com” from the domain name and it leaves you, the reader, with the much easier to remember allthingsloss.com.  
  3. It allows for a much more comprehensive behind-the-scenes analysis of the website stats – who is visiting, how they got there, what they like to read, etc so I can tailor the content to what readers find most helpful or interesting as well as how best to get the word out about all.things.loss.
  4. This move will help differentiate the site from others like it and create a unique brand that we as a community can rally around and be proud of!

As a result of this I won’t be updating this site any longer.  If you are currently a subscriber to this particular site I want to thank you for your support and if you’ve enjoyed the content here I ask that you take the few minutes to go ahead and subscribe to the new blog as well.  

I’ve also got something special in the works for anyone who subscribes to the new blog.  Don’t worry, if you subscribe before it’s ready you’ll be given access to it retroactively.  I am excited about the new site and have been working on getting it ready for some time now.  I hope you all like it as much as I do!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope to see you over at allthingsloss.com soon!


P.S. – the new site is already up and most of the content from here has already been migrated over.  Feel free to get on over there to mosey around and let me know what you think.  I won’t be updating new content though until Monday.  Don’t forget to subscribe!