What Better Way To Begin The New Year Than At Passion 2011

What a weekend!  Many people spent January 1-4 celebrating the coming of a new year.  Not you.  You were in Atlanta celebrating an everlasting Savior who has no beginning, who has no end, and who is not bound by time.  Many people set goals for the coming year and resolutions that may or may not be broken by April.  My hope is that Jesus has so enraptured your heart and soul over this past weekend that the entire course of your life has been altered, not just for the next 4 months or even a year.  Don’t forget what just happened.  Don’t forget what you heard.  Those things that were said which shook you to the core?  Write them down.  Pray about them.  Test them with the Scriptures.  And then act on them.  Let them change your life.  James implores us in the Bible to be “quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger,” but then he also says a few verses later in chapter 1 verse 22 to be “doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”  It would be easy to just live off the adrenaline of last weekend for a while.  Hearing is good, but requires nothing else of you.  Beth Moore said that coming away from Passion “amazed” would not change your life.  She was right.  Instead, you should think about and ponder over what was said and what you felt God was trying to tell you at the time.  This time to let God’s truth steep in your heart and mind will have the most lasting effects on your life.  From there, write down practical applications on what these truths look like when lived out in the context of your life.

Just…do…something.  Don’t assume that it was so powerful that you’ll never forget it.  You will.  Please, please, please don’t let the appetites of your life creep back in now that you are home and everything is back to normal.  It’s like Andy Stanley said, “You have no idea what God wants to use you to accomplish in this world.”  And you’ll likely never know if your appetites for social acceptance, fame, love, respect, etc come in and starve your appetite for God’s glory.

One of my goals for 2011 is at least two Metamorpha blog posts per month.  That will start this month with a series on reflections from the Passion conference.  Feel free to comment on them and continue the discussion on what God taught you because undoubtedly it hit me different than it did you.  One thing that hit us all the same, and squarely in the forehead at that, is that we need to carry the Name above all names with us all the days of our lives…the name of JESUS.  He is worthy of nothing less.


your thoughts??

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