Friday on the Links – 8/5

Happy Friday!  Enjoy these stories I found interesting from around the web the last week or two…

John Piper on the CRU name change: Recently Campus Crusade for Christ caused a firestorm in the Christian community by removing “Christ” from their name, shortening it to simply CRU.  I found Piper’s thoughts extremely helpful.

Piper (lots of Piper today) interviews Louie Giglio – Part 1 and Part 2: Two of my favorite people (whom I’ve never met) sit down to talk after the most recent Passion event in Atlanta, Ga in January.

Leadership lessons from a crazy dancing guy: This is just entertaining!

Two great marriage resources: Martin Luther on Marriage and Marriage as a happy, holy, beautiful mess.

Andy Stanley on vision and risk-taking: This was my favorite read of the week.  It’s short and sweet, but I’ll probably end up buying the book.  What are you willing to sacrifice and risk for?

What articles have you read the last few weeks that I left off my list?



your thoughts??

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