Friday on the Links – 8/12

Just a handful of links this Friday.  Enjoy!

  • How to boast in the Lord: What did Paul mean when he said he boasted only in the cross?  This is a pretty good explanation of what that means…
  • Feeding of the 5000: A friend of mine from college preached this sermon last week at The Gathering Church in North Carolina.  If you have 30-40 minutes, give it a listen.  I especially enjoyed his application of Jesus “taking, blessing, breaking, and giving back” the loaves and the fish to the way Jesus worked on the cross and is still working today.
  • A great article on the relationship between law and grace: By Kevin DeYoung…this is just good
  • Counting the Cost: What it will cost someone to be a true Christian.
  • Tim Tebow – Blasphemer??:  I had to add this one to the list of Friday links once I saw it.  Tebow’s faith has again caused him to be the object of public scrutiny.

Happy Friday!



your thoughts??

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