Friday on the Links 8/26

This weeks links have a distinctly “college” feel in honor of the beginning of a new semester.  Of course, there is wisdom for all ages and walks of life within their contents.

  • The Freshman 15: In honor of the proverbial Freshman 15 and the start of a new school year, here are 15 ways to strengthen your relationship with Christ on campus this year.
  • Marry Well, Girls: A short, free eBook for the girls on how to marry well.  This will be your most important human relationship…be smart.
  • You Too, Guys: See above, except it’s for guys.
  • College Drinking: This might surprise you…or it might not.
  • Discovering Your Calling: This is good for college students, but it’s never too late to discover your calling.

What have you read lately that could be a benefit to us all?  Let us know in the comments.

Happy Friday!


your thoughts??

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