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Friday on the Links – 10/14

Hey people!  This will be the last post I make on this particular site.  It’s a collection of links I’ve found helpful, challenging, inspiring, etc.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  • Stories Rock!: N.D. Wilson makes a case for stories and why they are important for the souls of our kids (much less ours).  “Scripture is full of…stories.”
  • Encouragement: The best letters are able to cultivate this gift and spread it around to others.
  • Steve Jobs: A well-written, balanced, Christ-centered and Christ-exalting tribute to Steve Jobs.
  • Steve Jobs or Coach Eric Taylor?: Rod Dreher lays out the case that though we may idealistically aspire to Steve Jobs-esque fame and influence the vast majority of us live lives that more closely resemble Coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights.  “An average life.  The kind of life most of us will have.  The kind of life that can be a thing of beauty and worthy of praise.”
  • Pastor Youcef: The Supreme Court in Iran has agreed to review his case and has put his execution on hold!  Keep the prayers going for this pastor and let’s keep putting the pressure on the Iranian government!
  • Machine Gun Preacher: I’m really excited about this movie.  In this article you can read a thoughtful review of the movie and watch the trailer.
There you have it.  The last of the posts on this site.  Head on over to next week and subscribe for updates if you haven’t already.  It’s been real and it’s been fun, but is going to be real fun!


Thanks for reading and happy Friday!

– Kevin 



Friday on the Links – 9/9

Here are the Friday links.  “But,” you say, “it’s Saturday.”  Well, you know what they say…better late than never. Enjoy!

Philippians: What would it have been like to hear the letter to the Philippians read for the first time in Philippi?    Find out here.

Philippians: What if the book of Philippians were the only “Bible” we had?  What would we be able to believe?  Find out here.

The Truth About Marital Compatibility.

The college years are very formative as far as beliefs go.  In many ways it sets the stage for the rest of your life.  Check out this article talking about this issue.

The Gospel Coalition has an entire website devoted to college and Christ.  It’s called the Christ on Campus Initiative.

Happy Fri…er…Saturday!


Friday on the Links – 8/12

Just a handful of links this Friday.  Enjoy!

  • How to boast in the Lord: What did Paul mean when he said he boasted only in the cross?  This is a pretty good explanation of what that means…
  • Feeding of the 5000: A friend of mine from college preached this sermon last week at The Gathering Church in North Carolina.  If you have 30-40 minutes, give it a listen.  I especially enjoyed his application of Jesus “taking, blessing, breaking, and giving back” the loaves and the fish to the way Jesus worked on the cross and is still working today.
  • A great article on the relationship between law and grace: By Kevin DeYoung…this is just good
  • Counting the Cost: What it will cost someone to be a true Christian.
  • Tim Tebow – Blasphemer??:  I had to add this one to the list of Friday links once I saw it.  Tebow’s faith has again caused him to be the object of public scrutiny.

Happy Friday!